Show Notes

In this episode of How My View Grew, Palestinian Noor Awad describes an encounter with a Zionist Israeli settler that caused him to broaden his view of the conflict. This is a story of growing up within a particular narrative and learning to take seriously a very different narrative without given up one's own. What would be possible if more Palestinians—and Israelis—developed this capacity?

**Key takeaways**

  • 3:30 Noor becomes aware of the conflict during the Second Intifada
  • 9:30 The Palestinian identity Noor was born with
  • 13:30 Noor's early-life view of Israelis and Zionism
  • 18:00 Noor discovers Israel's New Historians, who questioned the conventional Israeli narrative of 1948
  • 20:45 Noor meets Hanan Schlesinger, a passionate Zionist settler, and has a life-changing experience
  • 31:00 "I'm right, they're wrong" is not the only way to see things
  • 34:30 Noor's capacity to hold two narratives is rare
  • 38:00 The devastating impact of October 7 and the war on Roots' efforts to build mutual understanding
  • 42:30 Amiel's reflections


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