Show Notes

Two years ago, Ukraine stunned the world with its response to Russia's full-scale invasion. Where did its resilience come from?

Leading Ukrainian civic activist Valerii Pekar has an answer. It's a story of a nation—and a man—undergoing two major transformations after the fall of the Soviet Union. First, a shift into freedom, then an awakening of dignity and civic activism.

Why this matters to you and me: If Russia were to defeat Ukraine, its next likely targets are NATO countries the United States is bound by treaty to defend.

Here's the back story—cultural, political, economic, and personal—behind Ukraine's extraordinary response to Russian aggression.

**Key takeaways**

  • 7:00 The many facets of freedom after the fall of the Soviet Union
  • 10:35 Ukrainians vote for independence
  • 12:30 Valerii shifts from traditional to modern worldview
  • 15:00 Moscow tries to steal an election. Ukrainians take to the streets
  • 19:00 Valerii's speech on the Maidan about Ukraine's three revolutions
  • 20:00 The progressive postmodern worldview emerges
  • 23:00 Ukrainians explore a big question: what mistakes did we make ten years ago
  • 25:30 Valerii is elected to the National Reform Council
  • 29:30 A meeting with the President, who issues an invitation
  • 31:00 Russia invades, and Ukraine's new horizontal networks activate
  • 34:30 My reflections


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